Combat Rescue Officer

Combat Rescue Officer is a fantastic action game where you will have several missions to complete. You are an officer who must finish off the enemies who are guarding the entire area so that no one can escape. You will have to move quickly but carefully, if they see you they will go for you. Remember that the game is timed, so look at your map to see where the threats are and finish with them before time runs out. Move using controls A, S, D, W, give direction to your player with the mouse and shoot with the left button, use the right to focus; press shift to run faster and use control to crouch. Earn money with each mission you complete and buy more lethal weapons, grenades and the survival kit. Sovrevive the missions and get to the end. On our page you can find more games like this, so don't forget to explore the categories and have fun playing online from any device.

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